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"Living Peace"

Please join us for the Arts & Faith St. Louis 

annual Interfaith Concert 

Sunday October 15, 2023 at 4:30 pm at the Sheldon Concert Hall 

The concert is free, but please register:


This year's theme "Living Peace" is a call to encourage peace in our daily lives, in all our interactions with others, and in the wider community and the world at large. 

SJH Arts & Faith 2022 017_edited.jpg

The Interfaith Tours of the Saint Louis Art Museum are back!

In the small group tours, docents of different faiths lead a private, customized tour at a time of your choosing. The tour demonstrates common elements of global faith traditions in art produced through the ages. 

The tour highlights selected works from the vast collection of the Saint Louis Art Museum and centers on themes shared by different faiths.

The 90-minute tour can be scheduled anytime the museum is open. 

To schedule or for more information, please email us at

"Faith into Action"

Thank you to all who attended the

September 18, 2022 Interfaith concert.

We are so happy to have shared a live concert experience with all of you.

If you weren't able to attend, below is a recording of the complete concert. 

SJH Arts & Faith 2022 026.jpg

For more than a decade, Arts & Faith St. Louis has united people of diverse faiths and cultures through music, visual art and spoken word. 

United Hebrew 2012_edited.jpg
Rachel Jackson –jpg.jpg

Now in its twelfth year, Arts & Faith St. Louis began on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 with an interfaith commemoration in music at The Sheldon Concert Hall. The concert, which has become an annual event, has been presented to capacity audiences each year.


Headlined by renowned soprano Christine Brewer and other acclaimed local musicians, the event showcases the performances of many diverse faith groups, providing attendees with a unique opportunity for reflection, unity, and peace.

In recent years Arts & Faith St. Louis has expanded its reach with a wide range of projects to bring groups together through artistic expressions and interfaith connections, including docent-led tours of the St. Louis Art Museum and other visual art projects and storytelling, spoken word, and poetry. 

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